Everyone entering the N.H.C.C. will be asked for proof of being fully vaccinated by Arena Staff in the lobby area.

Exceptions to the rule are the following:

Children under the age of 12.

Youth under the age of 18 that are here to participate in play, practice or scrimmage hockey, Figure Skating, Public Skating, Martial Arts Classes upstairs.

Those with a medical exemption [with documented proof form a physician or registered nurse]

All coaches/organizers must ensure they screen all members of their group for fever, flu like symptoms and Covid-19 like symptoms prior each and every ice rental. It is the coaches/organizers responsibility to ensure they have the names and numbers of everyone in their group for contact tracing (in case of a positive COVID-19 case). We ask that you keep this list for 30 days.

Face coverings or masks must be worn by all persons entering and leaving the facility and 2 meters separation from others at all time. (Health exemptions may apply). Face covering/masks can be taken off once your helmet is put on in the arena. Any participant on the ice/bench who is not wearing a helmet must wear a mask. 

Everyone should sanitize your hands upon entering

Players and coaches will be allowed to enter the facility 15 minutes before ice rental and must be out of the facility 15 minutes after the end of their ice time. This will be a very strict rule.

Chairs will be provided for parents to assist with skates outside the dressing rooms in the hallway. 

Dressing doors can be closed but not be locked. Valuables should be left at home or in your vehicle.

Spectators will be asked to stay in the seats in bleachers during ice rental.

Players/coaches/visitors will only have 15 minutes to vacate the facility once the ice rental time is finished. This will be a very strict rule. 

Water fountains are closed so bring your own water bottles pre-filled.

Players should have clearly labeled water bottles. Water bottles should be washed after each ice time and should not be shared. 

Players must not spit, blow their nose freely or release any bodily fluid anywhere in the facility.  Player(s) not following this rule will be asked to leave and may result in cancellation of ice use privilege.

Absolutely no Alcoholic Beverages are allowed in or to be consumed in the facility. This will be a very strict rule. Anyone not following this rule will be asked to leave and may result in cancellation of ice privilege.

Please ensure players and families place all garbage & tape in Garbage Cans provided. Disposable bottles in the recycling bins provided.

Please ensure participants remove all their belongings from the dressing room and ice area when leaving.

We expect anyone using our facility will be respectful to our staff and other members using the facility. If anyone exhibits inappropriate behavior (i.e. swearing, angry, aggressive communication, inappropriate written material etc.) will be asked to leave.

North Hastings Community Centre Ice Skating Rink was founded in 1972.  North Hastings Community Centre of Bancroft ON is an indoor rink and is open seasonally from late August to mid-April.

Overview of our amazing services!

Public Skating

Ice skating sessions for the public are one of the main attractions at North Hastings Community Centre. Skating provides great exercise and an opportunity to get out of the house – plus, it’s not like exercising at the gym…skating is fun!  Lace-em up and come join the others.  Get on the ice and get ready for a great experience.

North Hastings Community Centre offers Figure Skating and Ice Skating

Are you an adult looking to learn to skate? Do you have children yearning to skate like the pros?  If so, the folks here love to teach and their instructors are top notch.  For beginners they usually focus on providing the basics.  For more advanced skaters they focus on proper form, technique and getting you ready to meet your goals.  Call them at (613) 332-2062 for more details.

Ice Hockey

They offer both Adult and Youth Ice Hockey programs and leagues.  Whether you are a beginning skater looking to play on a team in an instructional league, or an experienced ice hockey player looking to get out and play with others of a similar caliber, North Hastings Community Centre is the place to play!  Give them a call at (613) 332-2062 to inquire about their leagues now.  The experienced group will help you get ready for your next game.






– We have Martial Arts Classes every Thursday Evening  running from early September to late June.
– We have assorted Men’s Pickup hockey through the week and Sunday nights, check schedule for times.
Organized Ladies Hockey League every Friday Night all winter starting late September.
Organized Gentlemen’s Hockey League every Sunday evening starting late September all winter.
Minor Hockey for All Girls Teams and Mixed Boys and Girls Teams all winter starting early September.
Year ending tournaments for our adult leagues in March.
Year ending  “3 on 3” Hockey league for youth in March and April.
Season Starting Tri-Sport [Hockey, Baseball Golf] tournament in late August for both Ladies and Men which is a fund raiser for B.D.M.H.A.
Season Starting Hockey School in late August for Both Boy and Girl Minor Hockey Players.
Season ending “Bancroft Skating Club’s Ice Show’ in Early April.
– Annual “Homecoming Hockey Tournament” held in Mid March for Adult Men which and has been running for decades now.